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Q: I'm looking at the picture, it looks like a regular keyboard. What's the big deal?

A: It IS a regular keyboard. The relative position of the keys to each other has been adjusted to produce consistant spacing because nearly all pianos have different distances between keys.
It's only about 3mm, but that is a big difference when you are trying to be able to sightread, rather than watching your hands.
And the black keys are a little less angled, that's all.


I highly recommend Herr Gregory Shir's redesigned keyboard because it equalizes the upper width of the white keys.
--- Ms. Alvina Louie playing and commenting on Mozart piano

Because intervallic distances are more predictable, the C# (Db) and D# (Eb) keys are technically more accessible in all hand positions, irrespective of individual hand anatomy or finger patterns.
--- Ralph Alberstrom

It seems there is a manufacturing defect built into piano keyboards.
Believe it or not, the intervals on the standard piano are NOT equal!
Lay a finger between C# and D# notes, now lay your finger between F# and G# - you can feel the difference between the two pairs.
It's only about 3mm, but that is a big difference when you are trying to sightread without watching your hands.
Try your favorite piano figure in different keys - for instance, the intro to "Cheers" - its much harder to reach in A on most pianos compared to original key of Bb.
--- Reseda Mickey

Hranush plays Mozart blindfolded

Hranush first playing on prototype of new Mozart Piano with closed eyes!
"I agree! The new piano made by G. Shir with changes in the layout of the keys, makes piano playing easier."

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Read the article from the Overture - Musician's Union Local 47 newspaper
about the
new Mozart Piano Keyboard
invented by Gregory Shir

Los Angeles Professional Musicians'
(download article)
Una traducción al español ha sido gentilmente proporcionado por Sylvia Reyes.


Thanks and Acknowledgments for all of our projects:
Thomas Metzler Violins -
Brand Public Library in Glendale
Musicians' Local 47 of Los Angeles

When the intervals ARE equal, difficult classical pieces are easier to play.  Look at our friend playing with her

Fur Elise-L.Beethoven 1st
by Hranush Martirosyan - With closed eyes


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