Attention! Piano keyboards have a manufacturing defect.

- discovered by Gregory Shir!

U.S. Patent No. 9064478

Closeup of Mozart Best Piano keyboard
Mozart's Piano had equally-spaced keys.
- Yours doesn't!

A Letter from Gregory Shir to all pianists:

Dear Pianists,

I am an inventor and a professional music teacher Piano and Violin. I have written a book entitled "The Paganini Technique".

In the process of building violins, I have been able to prove that a well-formed instrument is important to make difficult passages easier.
This is also true of the piano. I noticed something that centuries of piano professionals have overlooked: THE PIANO KEYS ARE NOT EQUIDISTANT!

Nobody seems to know why the piano layout was designed this way, but one thing is for sure, it causes awkwardness at many points in a performance.

Lay a finger between C# and D# notes, now lay your finger between F# and G# - you can feel the difference between the two pairs, even though it's only about 3mm.

Unfortunately, to correct this problem requires the piano manufacturer to change his design - but only slightly.

Equalizing the width of the white keys
has only slightly changed the shape of the keytops:
Patent Figure Mozart Best Piano


In addition, on my keyboard, the black keys are slightly extended: I've changed the angle of the ends from a greater angle to a lesser angle. These changes make a big difference when trying to sightread the notes and not watch your hands at the same time.

Mozart Best Piano Patent Figure Black Key with arrows
The tops of the black keys extend slightly further forward
to add leverage and accuracy.

black key standard piano
Compare to the angle D2 above
to D1 of the standard piano keyboard black keys.


Mozart Best Piano closeup of angled black keys

Here it is up close. If you notice, the black keys are angled less.
Haven't you ever had to stretch for a black key?  Now you don't have to.


Please contribute to our project.
We want to make playing piano easier for everyone, kids and adults.


Hranush Martirosyan A. Mozart "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman" My Happy Birthday Present!
Hranush Martirosyan playing Mozart's variations on "Twinkle-Twinkle, Little Star"
on a prototype of Mozart Best Piano.
"I'm not saying 'su ym ssik' like Mozart - only 'close my eyes!'
"I agree! The new piano made by G. Shir with changes in the layout of the keys, makes piano playing easier."

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U.S. Patent No. 9064478

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